The Process

gazebo lighting


Upon consultation, we will meet at the home owner’s property to determine they specific lighting needs and get a better feel for a specific lighting aesthetic. Outdoor lighting is not only meant to be seen outside, we want you to be able to enjoy your lights from the comforts of your living room. (Meeting with our customers is a privilege, our quotes are free of charge)


Once we fully understand the lighting design you are looking for, we work to design a custom lighting plan designed for you. This can include many different styles of fixtures. Our design mission is to provide you with the best lighting system to meet your budget and personal style.


After all designs are approved, we will begin the install, which usually takes only one day. We use the highest quality fixtures with the best warranty on the market, FX Luminaire (Made in USA). These fixtures are offered in incandescent or energy efficient LED. To insure your system is safe from the weather, we use water proof connections at every light. Our installers are trained in landscape care, leaving no disorder from installation.

Nighttime Walk Through

After the completion of install, one of our executive leaders will meet at your property for a evening walk through. During this time we will make sure all fixtures are positioned correctly and that you are completely satisfied with your system. We will be happy to make any modifications to the fixtures on the spot in order to achieve the perfect finished look. In addition to making modification, there is an opportunity to request any additions that you may want to your outdoor lighting system.