Outdoor Tree Lighting Tips To Enhance Your Garden

outdoor tree lights atlantaIf you are looking to bring attention to your outdoor space, installing outdoor tree lighting will certainly make your landscape the topic of conversation. Incorporating this type of lighting into the current theme of your garden will not only enhance the theme, it may also increase the value of your property. Once lighting has been installed on the trees, they can serve several functions including:

  • Becoming the focal point of your garden
  • Adding more dimension to your garden
  • Bringing attention to other features in your garden

Before installation of the lights can begin, you will need to plan. During the planning process, you will need to assess the size of the tree or trees you want to use, the position of the trees and the structure of the trees. Do not overlook this step. The planning process will ensure that your outdoor tree lighting project will complement your landscape.

How to Choose a Tree

When choosing a tree to include in your outdoor lighting project, you will not want to choose a tree that is not damaged structurally nor has any defects. If you are unsure which trees you should select, consult with a local arborist.

How to Choose Viewing Distance

You will also need to decide the distance and the angle at which the trees will be viewed. Any trees that are positioned further away from the preferred distance will need to have more illumination than trees that are closer in view. Be aware that you may need to make adjustments in the lighting, so be flexible with the amount of light that is given off.

The Size of the Tree

A tree that is smaller in size will not need as much lighting as a tree that is larger. They require less output, and low voltage lighting can easily be installed on smaller trees. Commercial lighting fixtures may be the best solution for larger trees because they require more electricity. A professional lighting contractor can help you select the best fixtures for your lighting plan.

There are several creative ways that use outdoor tree lighting in your garden theme. Shadowing, moon lighting and silhouetting are just some of the ways to enhance the beauty of your landscape. Consult with a licensed lighting contractor before you begin any type of outdoor lighting project.

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