Why Should I Hire an Outdoor Lighting Installation Pro Instead of a Landscaper?

outdoor lighting installationOutdoor lighting installation requires specialty knowledge. If you aren’t working with the right professional, you may be paying extra fees while they hire that work out to someone else. Consider all the ways you’ll save with a lighting pro:

Benefits in the Installation

Many landscapers don’t understand what it takes to wire lighting into the appropriate places. They’ll subcontract those jobs out to professional electricians, and you get charged for the electrician and the labor to set up and supervise the work.

Traditional landscapers may also lack the knowledge to choose appropriate fixtures, light bulbs or placement. If you wind up having to hire someone to fix these kinds of mistakes, it could significantly increase your costs. Worse, if you don’t, you’ll be left with a disappointing, energy-wasting outdoor lighting design. To keep costs low, it’s essential to work with the right person the first time around.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Landscapers often keep up on the latest trends in design, but in terms of functionality and energy efficiency, they’re more clued into irrigation systems and other equipment used to keep yards looking healthy. Lighting experts stay up to date on the latest advancements in different types of lights, both the practical and aesthetic.

Energy efficiency is especially important due to the money it can save in the long run. While LED lights, for instance, can cost twice more per bulb than incandescent, a lighting pro would know they last five to six times longer and cost one-tenth to operate over a year’s time. CFLs also provide big savings. Landscapers may err on the side of keeping installation costs low, whether or not they pass that savings onto you.

Both professionals should be aware of the latest in automation tools. Landscapers benefit from predictive watering systems, timed systems and the like. However, there are more technologies aimed at controlling lighting, and they might not know about all of the mobile applications, for instance, that can be used to run your outdoor lights when you’re aware from home.

Fixture Placement

The biggest part of a lighting job is placing the fixtures correctly. Landscapers tend to think more aesthetically and may miss issues involving functionality. They may place an open-face floodlight above your back door or stick a security light near your front door. Not only do these fixtures interrupt the look many Marietta homeowners are going for, they’re also ineffective for providing security.

Any bulb you can see away from your property is a potential source of glare, which can blind you to risks. With a light shining directly in your face, you may not see a broken walkway or someone lurking near your door. In fact, burglars take note of these kinds of issues to gain easy access to your home.

A lighting pro will focus on looks and safety. That doesn’t mean you can’t work with a company pulling double duty. One locally owned and operated business is a trusted source of both lighting and landscaping, with years of training and experience to make sure all of your jobs are done right.

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