Several Benefits of Using Low Voltage Outdoor Lights

Low Voltage Outdoor LightsYou have many options when you are choosing outdoor lighting to the exterior of your home or your landscape. You can choose the 120 volt fixtures that are traditionally used and have been around for years. Solar lighting is also an option, but for those who are looking for lighting that is efficient and beautiful, low voltage outdoor lights offers several benefits.

Low Voltage Lighting Is Safe

You do not have to worry about anyone getting hurt when being around low voltage lighting. Exposed cable wires are not a threat because low voltage outdoor lights use transformers that help to reduce the voltage. This type of lighting is very safe and can be used in various areas of your landscape including wet areas around swimming pools and other water features.

Installation Is Easier

A 12/24 voltage lighting system is easier to install than a 120 voltage lighting system. The wires do not have to be buried as deeply which means that the system can also be moved if necessary. The power lines connected to a low voltage system are smaller and are not as dangerous as power lines connected to a higher voltage system.

Wide Selection of Colors

When you decide to use low voltage lighting outside of your home, you will be able to use an almost limitless array of colors in your fixtures. This gives you the opportunity to change the color of the lighting in your garden to match the theme or atmosphere.

Low Maintenance

Low voltage light bulbs are energy efficient. This means that they do not require as much energy as traditional lighting. As a result, the light bulbs will not have to be changed as often. LED light bulbs can last as long as 40,000 hours, while traditional light bulbs typically last 2500 hours.

Energy Savings

As previously discussed, LED lights are extremely energy efficient. You will notice the savings not only by purchasing fewer light bulbs, but you will also notice the savings in your energy bill. The cost to keep your garden illuminated will be cheaper than if you installed a 120 volt system.

If you are considering enhancing the beauty of your garden, consider installing low voltage outdoor lights. Hire a professional lighting contractor so you can get advice and suggestions on how to make your designs even more elegant and creative.

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