How Does LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Compare to Halogen Lighting?

LED outdoor landscape lightingLED outdoor landscape lighting first hit the consumer market in the early 2000s. Previously, LED bulbs had been used in electronics applications, mainly for indicator lights. Later, colored Christmas bulbs were released. It took a while before the technology was perfected enough to provide for white lighting widely used around homes.

These bulbs were key in phasing on incandescent light bulbs, which while cheap to purchase were incredibly inefficient to run. They also needed to be replaced on a regular basis. In contrast, a LED light will last 50,000 hours or more, roughly six times the life of a traditional light bulb. However, LEDs are not the only modern-day option. CFL and Halogen bulbs are also popular options.

Halogens are the cheapest alternative and the closest to traditional incandescent bulbs. Here are the biggest reasons LED bulbs are the preferred option for outdoor installations:


Landscape lighting often calls for bulb placement in precarious areas. It’s not uncommon for lights to be placed near a home’s roof, high in the trees or wedged in between structures. These hard to reach places make frequent changing a huge pain for homeowners, which make them perfect spots for LEDs. They’re good for 10 years or more, while halogen bulbs may last a year.

Installation is also more efficient. Halogen bulbs have a marked disadvantage over other options. If their surfaces come into contact with any oils—including those found on human skin—they’ll burn hotter and burn out faster. This means even more frequent changes if the person installing bulbs doesn’t know to wear special gloves.


LEDs lead the way in both purchase price and operational costs for outdoor lighting. While they’re more expensive per unit, they last 10 – 15 times longer than halogen bulbs. They also use about 20 percent of the energy of halogen bulbs, a significant savings for those who run their lights from dusk to dawn.

Grants, Credits and Rebates

While residential customers are still on the lookout for federal and state tax credits for switching to LED lighting, Marietta businesses have a few options available. First is the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005, which allows for certain LED changes to be written off on business taxes. Hopefully, these opportunities will expand over the next few years in response to the number of energy-efficient applications available to homeowners.

Secondly, the Georgia Power Company offers rebates on LED light and fixture purchases, as well as for CFLs. Again, the rebates are only currently good for commercial customers. No halogen programs are available, creation one more reason LEDs are preferable.

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