What Will Using Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Do to My Utilities Bill?

energy efficient outdoor lightingEnergy-efficient outdoor lighting allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of outdoor safety and security for an affordable price. Making the switch to updated lights and fixtures is easy.

Here are just a few ways you can enjoy landscape lighting without breaking the bank:

Take Advantage of Automation

Motion-detecting lights are a thing of the past. We’re so used to them now that we rarely notice when they turn on, making them somewhat useless in terms of providing security. Careful observation of the traits and habits of burglars confirm that certain lights and placement do not provide any protection. However, we also have a better understanding of what does deter crime, and well-lit exteriors dissuade break-ins.

Unfortunately, people have a long-standing history of forgetfulness when it comes to outdoor lighting. We either forget to turn it off—wasting precious dollars and energy—or we forget to turn them on. Obviously, that’s not going to help you in a practical sense, or help you make the most of your lighting investment. It’s imperative, then, to take advantage of the latest advancements in automation.

You don’t need a “smart house” to get the benefit of these features. There are plenty of products today that allow you to make your home both more comfortable and more affordable to keep up. You can put your outdoor lights on a timing system, or you can connect them with a programmable app accessible via computer or cell phone. Mobile access is especially handy if you’ll be out of town as it allows you to make random adjustments, and anyone who might be keeping tabs on your house will think someone is staying there even if they know you’re gone.

Tap into the Savings of New CFL and LED Bulbs

Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED and CFL lighting significantly lower your bills. They also last a lot longer—years compared to the months you get from old-school light bulbs. Over time, this can result in mega-savings, even if the cost to purchase a bulb is a surprising change. For instance, LED bulbs use roughly 10 percent the amount of energy incandescent bulbs do, and CFLs use around 20 percent.

Both LED and CFL specialty lights are available for your outdoor needs. However, spiral-shaped CFLs used for indoor lighting can also be safely used outdoors when completely contained inside a fixture. If you’ve been overwhelmed trying to understand the differences between incandescent lights and the latest options, there’s no reason to worry. While the processes used to create light can be much different, the ways the bulbs function are similar enough to be interchanged in most situations.

It’s especially easy to get started with efficient outdoor lighting when a professional lends you a hand. Figure out the best places to illuminate your yard, as well as the best fixtures and bulbs to use. This helps you make the most of your outdoor spaces while still paying less for your monthly utilities.

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