Is There Such a Thing as Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting?

With all the greenwashing that’s been going on in commerce in the past 10 years, there’s no wonder homeowners are suspicious of energy efficient outdoor lighting. We’ve learned over the past decade that companies will promote products as energy savers when they aren’t offering consumers any significant benefits. No one wants to invest a chunk Read More

Tips for Choosing the Most Illuminating Outdoor Lights for Trees

Illuminating outdoor lights for trees can be tricky because different styles work best given the tree shape and the surrounding property. Many homeowners rely on sidewalk or home lighting to highlight the elements in their yard, but a few selectively placed lights can make all the difference. In order to create a landscape that leaves Read More

How Is Home Outdoor Lighting Protected from the Elements?

Home outdoor lighting presents a basic design challenge. You need to illuminate the Great Outdoors but also need to protect your lights from the elements. This protection isn’t automatic, as many homeowners assume, and because of that, plenty of mistakes are made when creating outdoor lighting plans. Choosing Appropriate Light Fixtures A general rule to Read More

How Does LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Compare to Halogen Lighting?

LED outdoor landscape lighting first hit the consumer market in the early 2000s. Previously, LED bulbs had been used in electronics applications, mainly for indicator lights. Later, colored Christmas bulbs were released. It took a while before the technology was perfected enough to provide for white lighting widely used around homes. These bulbs were key Read More

Why Should I Hire an Outdoor Lighting Installation Pro Instead of a Landscaper?

Outdoor lighting installation requires specialty knowledge. If you aren’t working with the right professional, you may be paying extra fees while they hire that work out to someone else. Consider all the ways you’ll save with a lighting pro: Benefits in the Installation Many landscapers don’t understand what it takes to wire lighting into the Read More

How Should I Design My Outdoor Tree Lighting Plan?

Outdoor tree lighting isn’t as cut and dried as it appears. Throwing a ton of lights on a property doesn’t make it safer or more attractive. It has to be precisely placed for the sake of visibility, aesthetics and thoughtful energy usage. Here are the basic steps to creating an outdoor tree lighting plan that Read More

What Will Using Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Do to My Utilities Bill?

Energy-efficient outdoor lighting allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of outdoor safety and security for an affordable price. Making the switch to updated lights and fixtures is easy. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy landscape lighting without breaking the bank: Take Advantage of Automation Motion-detecting lights are a thing of the past. Read More

What Impact Does Architectural Outdoor Lighting Have on a Home’s Resale Value?

When 90 percent of buyers prefer homes with architectural outdoor lighting, installing a few lighting elements around your property can pay off big. That’s especially important now that house prices have begun to fall. Stay competitive and generate enough buyer interest to boost the price you get for your house by adding elegant lighting touches Read More

Several Benefits of Using Low Voltage Outdoor Lights

You have many options when you are choosing outdoor lighting to the exterior of your home or your landscape. You can choose the 120 volt fixtures that are traditionally used and have been around for years. Solar lighting is also an option, but for those who are looking for lighting that is efficient and beautiful, Read More

Outdoor Tree Lighting Tips To Enhance Your Garden

If you are looking to bring attention to your outdoor space, installing outdoor tree lighting will certainly make your landscape the topic of conversation. Incorporating this type of lighting into the current theme of your garden will not only enhance the theme, it may also increase the value of your property. Once lighting has been Read More