What Impact Does Architectural Outdoor Lighting Have on a Home’s Resale Value?

Architectural Outdoor LightingWhen 90 percent of buyers prefer homes with architectural outdoor lighting, installing a few lighting elements around your property can pay off big. That’s especially important now that house prices have begun to fall. Stay competitive and generate enough buyer interest to boost the price you get for your house by adding elegant lighting touches packed with practical benefits.

Homebuyers will pay more for houses with architectural outdoor lighting for the following reasons:

The Look of Luxury

Drive around any Marietta neighborhood, and you will see a marked difference between the homes with lighting and those without. Regardless of how big they are or what features are in the yard, they just seem… better. This extra touch may seem like an afterthought, but you can use lighting to highlight the best features of your property. You can also create the impression of a larger, more expansive structure. Along with improving curb appeal, there are several practical benefits that increase the value of your home.

Functional Outdoor Spaces

Beautiful outdoor lighting paves the way for outdoor entertaining. It’s also one of the easiest ways to show prospective owners what they can make of your home. Unless you already have an outdoor kitchen, for instance, lighting helps buyers imagine the ways they’ll put the property to use. They may imagine a kitchen with built-in grills, or their dream backyard might include a giant playset for their kids. However, they’ll see promise in every area, unlike a home without the lighting needed to help new owners feel safe and secure.

Heightened Security

Architectural lighting helps homeowners in a very unique way. Unlike security lights meant to draw attention to anyone near the property, strategically placed accent lights can create the impression of power and security. It also shows people you value your home and raises their assumptions of you having a security system in place.

Secondarily, because most burglars enter through an open window or door, or a structure that appears to be weak or broken, showcasing the high quality of your home’s features can lower your risks. When burglars can clearly see there are no vulnerable spaces, they won’t waste their time trying to break in.

Lower Liability

Adequate lighting lowers the chances that someone visiting your home will trip and fall or run into something and get hurt. While willingly filing a claim to cover a guest’s medical expenses won’t raise your insurance rates, losing a liability lawsuit will. You can also wind up losing your home if your coverage isn’t high enough to foot the bill. Fortunately, providing quality lighting solutions around your home and yard go a long way in disproving negligence. Those are benefits easily enjoyed by you and your family, as well as potential buyers.

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